How Your Body Type Is Affecting Your Effort to Lose or Gain Weight.

body type

Body type tells a lot about your body’s metabolism than just your body shape or size. Let’s face it; there are some people that no matter how much they eat, they don’t tend to gain weight.

While some people have tried various diets types to shed excess fats, but can seem to lose weight.

There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon; BODY TYPE.

Understanding your body type is crucial to losing or gaining weight. The good thing is that in this article, you will learn your body type and effectively plan your health & fitness goals.

But make sure you read every word of this article, don’t miss a line!!!

Let’s get started

What Do You Mean By Body Type?

In simple terms, body type (also called somatotype) is the genetic and physical makeup of a body, much more like the expression of the combination of genotype and phenotype of a body.

Body types are generally classified into three; Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph, and some people are combinations of two of the body types.

It is also important to note that lifestyle and environmental factors can affect the body type of an individual.

So body types aren’t exactly rock-solid or unchangeable. You can change your body type with a little bit of determination and grit.

So, What Are The Types and Characteristics Of Body Types?

Body types generally fall under three categories; Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph, and as said earlier, some people can show characteristics of one or more body types.

Now let’s examine each body type.

  • Ectomorph

An Ectomorph is lean, fragile, and long finds it difficult to build muscles or gain weight due to fast metabolism.

This body type has a super-fast metabolism and rarely stores fat. The body utilizes all the energy provided in the food.

An ectomorph can eat all the time and find it difficult to gain weight or build muscles.

To sum it all up, this body type resembles that of a marathon runner with little body fat content and is susceptible to anorexia

  • Endomorph

The direct opposite of Ectomorph; high body fat content, especially in the lower half of the body, big, and has a strong tendency to gain weight.

Endomorphs have a low rate of metabolism, so the body tends to store all unused energy quickly as fats and loses it slowly.

This body type isn’t necessarily obese, but they are sensitive to caloric consumption and tend to store up calories quickly.

So an Endomorph must consume the same amount of calories consumed daily to keep in shape.

  • Mesomorph

This body type is an intermediary between both Ectomorph & Endomorph, showing characteristics of both body types (well, a little bit of an identity crisis here).

A mesomorph is a natural athlete; well-defined muscles, thick built, not overly overweight or underweight with even weight distribution.

Also, mesomorph loses and gains weight easily and can quickly reach his/her fitness goals in no time with a healthy metabolism.

Nutrition & Training of Each Body Type

It is evident that due to the difference in metabolism and body structure, training must be personalized for each body type to achieve their fitness goals.

Same with nutrition, you have to consider the little details when planning a meal for the body types, whether to gain or lose weight.

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  • Ectomorph

An Ectomorph has an accelerated metabolism and can hardly store fats. Whatever an ectomorph eats is quickly broken down and digested, so it is challenging to gain weight but not impossible.

But this is not a free pass for an ectomorph to eat junks and still stay fit, NO.

When planning a weight gain (bulking) diet for an Ectomorph, add at least 500 calories to the TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

The diet must be high in Carbohydrates (about 60% of daily calories), while protein and fats should be 25% each.

Common carbs should be potatoes, brown rice, oats, etc. and fruits should be banana, mango, pineapple, etc.

Also, the frequency of meals should be every three or four hours per day or should eat at least five times a day.

  • Endomorph

An Endomorph needs to keep a close eye on his diet. With a reputation for gaining weight quickly, it needs a balanced or deficit caloric diet plan to lose weight or stay in shape.

Perhaps, the most significant flaw of an endomorph is its slow metabolism and can take forever to lose the excess fat.

An endomorph most times don’t need a bulking meal plan (need to eat to gain weight), instead a cutting meal plan to shed the excess weight.

A cutting meal plan for an endomorph usually requires at least a 30% caloric deficit from your TDDE.

Stay clear of starchy carbohydrates and eat more protein for satiety.

There are different diets used for weight loss; keto, Atkins, Paleo, etc. Keto, as an example, involves cutting or abstinence from carbohydrates from your meal and replacing it with fats and protein.

  • Mesomorph

A Mesomorph is blessed with a body type between ectomorph and endomorph and gains weight quickly, also losing it with the same frequency.

With an efficient metabolism, a mesomorph has no diet restrictions (but not as free as an ectomorph).

A typical mesomorph diet contains about 40% carbs, 30% protein, and fats. This diet plan is flexible and can be easily tailored to achieve muscle growth (more protein & carbohydrates than fats in this case) or to maintain weight and stay in shape.


  • Mesomorph

A mesomorph is already a natural athlete, while an ectomorph is struggling with building muscles, and an endomorph is trying to shed the excess weight, a mesomorph is already halfway in reaching its fitness goals.

Whether it is to lose weight or build muscles, a mesomorph takes to it like a duck to water.

To build muscles as a mesomorph, bodyweight training (using your weight as resistance e.g., pushups) usually gives a visible change quickly, but for better results, use external weight as resistance.


Use moderate to heavyweight for long reps and remember to increase the weights every week (progressive overload) to grow muscles at a steady rate.

Isolation training is also useful for a mesomorph i.e., targeting and training muscle groups separately; tricep dips for triceps, squats for legs and hips, barbell curls for biceps, etc.

And most importantly, don’t forget to rest, Muscles don’t grow in the gym but on the dining table and in your bed.

Also, a surplus caloric diet is needed to provide macronutrients to build muscles.

To lose weight as a mesomorph, cardio, and strength training are two workout programs that bring significant results in decreasing body fat.

Running, jogging, cycling, skipping, etc. are examples of cardio for weight loss.

  • Ectomorph

Sorry guys, but training an ectomorph is as hard as any training can get.

Since an ectomorph will naturally train to build muscles, cardio should be kept minimal to improve heart health (cardio burns fat and remember that an ectomorph isn’t looking to burn fats).

body type

Emphasis should be on multiple compound movement during training i.e., no isolation training but programs that focus on numerous muscle groups at once e.g., bench press to target the chest and arms.

  • Endomorph

Weight loss is the most common reason for training in this body type. Don’t get me wrong; some endomorphs also want to build muscles.

But you need to lose the fats first to expose the underlying muscles and develop them.

Cardio is the way to go for weight loss in endomorphs (not forgetting diets), running, cycling, swimming, rowing, etc.

body type

Also, strength training in building muscles burns calories too, but cardio should be frequent than strength training.


Your body type has a lot to say about how your fitness & diet plan should go, so it is a must to know your body type.

Oh!!  I almost forgot; here is a test to determine your body type if you still can’t identify yours. So, make sure you identify your body type and follow the steps above to achieve results.

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